Work Smart. Not Hard.

We've sorted out web servers for hundreds of very high traffic sites, moving websites out of Apache and into NGiNX combined with Varnish.

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It's all about the caching

Our favorite method to reduce your websites' page loading time is by optimising your server for caching. We specialise in Varnish which works to "cache" your website in RAM memory.

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Extreme Performance

Our Varnish optimised VPS are built for large websites, with over 250,000 visitors per month. Performance is delivered through heavy duty caching, SSD storage, and the latest Intel E5 processors.

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Hand-Built Solutions

Our services are flexible to our customers needs. Just like a tailor fit suit, many measurements must be taken before our VPS are built. No one-size fits all solutions here.

How is this Possible?


  • Advanced Caching Technologies

    Contrary to most "in-server" caching technologies, such as APC, xcache, and the like, Varnish runs externally, away from your webserver and database server. Varnish, when configured properly, caches the most recently accessed pages of your website in memory, and delivers them to new visitors instantly.

  • So, just how does this work?

    This means, that your server doesn't get "bogged down" when a flood of visitors comes. Quite simply, visitor #1 causes your webserver to render PHP pages, your database server to run queries against your CMS - but when visitor #2 and beyond come around, they receive your website instantly - from RAM. If you've got traffic, then you need to be Varnished!

  • Consultative Approach Support

    In order to properly implement Varnish on a dynamic website, many parameters need to be considered carefully. Cache time to live, URL's which need to stay un-cached, URL's which should be cached longer, shorter, all of these are configuration parameters within the Varnish configuration language (VCL) file. This is not a simple "plug and play" implementation, and as a result, all implementations come with a WebEx/Skype one on one session with our Varnish specialists. We will work with your developers step by step, until your website renders instantly to your visitors.

We can give you results like these

Decrease in MySQL Queries

Today's dynamic websites rely heavily on database performance in order to load quickly and smoothly. By offsetting 90% of the traffic towards your backend webserver and SQL server, you've also cut down your MySQL queries by 90%.

Decrease in Page Load Time

With Varnish in front of your webserver stack, your system doesn't need to repeatedly access hard disks in order to retrieve complex datasets, files, or galleries. These images are stored in memory within the Varnish engine, according to the TTL (time to live) rules set during implementation.

Decrease in CPU Usage

Don't let your server struggle to make it through the day! Varnish PHP VCL implementations will immediately lower your CPU activity, and allow your current server to service more users than thought possible.

Decrease in hosting costs

A dynamic news site running on Drupal 7, with 500,000 visits can scale horizontally by adding advanced Varnish servers, instead of upgrading existing hardware, adding new servers, and can save even more, if we consider that you don't need a CDN to offload your traffic. You can serve it all yourself with Varnish.

CMS Agnostic

We Support them all

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